CB Radio 12-08-12

Fueled by Nyquil and chicken soup, it’s your only excuse be home on a Saturday Night, its CB Radio! Join your hosts Sir Rockin, Subway and Rob, as they battle though illness and talk about the weird, wacky and unusual, including Subway’s expert guide on surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (everyone, pray you are parts of Rob’s group) which integrated dogs, limiting group sizes and the type of people included, plus they discussed, as well as your projected Zombie Apocalypse diet. The hosts also played a clip to prove that Christmas was killed…. When DMX sins a Christmas classic in the way only DMX could and host Pick’ems for tomorrow night’s TNA Final Resolution PPV. All this, plus all the cold medicine you can stomach and more on CB Radio, your ONLY excuse to be home on a Saturday Night, brought to you by TweakedAudio.com!

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