CB Radio 12-01-12

It’s the Five-year Birth-aversary of your only excuse to be home on a Saturday Night, CB Radio! Join your hosts Sir Rockin and the “Godfather of Extreme” Rob Parks, plus blast from the past William McConnell (who showed up completely spontaneously and without planning) and fresh off his return to the ring, Subway as they talk about the weird, wacky and unusual, including the special regular night that was CB Radio’s 5-year anniversary, recounting all that was Subway’s eventful night with IPW and what all he took from and left of himself in the ring (blood-wise), hosts and listeners brainstorming trying to get Will some new transportation (he disapproved of the scooter and mule ideas), and Rock completely messing with everyone’s minds with parodies of “Call Me Maybe”… yeah, its just a typical night on the show.

We also learned how putting a firearm in a deep fryer was a bad idea, how a stripper turned spiritual leader was attacked by a succubus trying to turn her into a lesbian, a Chicago man who hid about a ton of marijuana in 1000 containers of Strawberries, a Massachusetts man who was cited after being run over by his own car, a Florida man who was naked and was caught after running into a cop car, and a woman who was detained after she attacked her boyfriend when he was able to climax and she wasn’t. All of this and more on the fifth anniversary episode of CB Radio, your ONLY excuse to be home on a Saturday Night (now with more episodes than Happy Days), brought to you by TweakedAudio.com!

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